How to Crack Microsoft Word 2003 Password

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Why do you Crack Microsoft Word 2003 Password

I am an administrative assistant. Yesterday I received some assignments from my boss. Unfortunately, all of the files were password protected read-only word files and I can't open either of them. What's more, my boss is now on a business trip and I can't contact him to unlock the word 2003 files for me or ask him to send me the unprotected versions instead. I need these word files in emergency, I have no idea on how to Crack Microsoft Word 2003 Password, and also don't have any idea about the legal situation in the context of the cracking process.

Is it legal to Crack Microsoft Word 2003 Password?

Everyone feel it is illegal to Crack Microsoft Word 2003 Password, you can go shopping instead. I think the process of Cracking Microsoft Word 2003 Password is not illegal since it is a document that your boss sent you and you have to complete the process in many cases other than doing it with a bad intention. Sometimes locked word files need to be cracked for a lawful purpose, so, cracking the secured word files sent by your boss is a legal operation.

Don't think that only crackers can open the password protected word document. Cracking Microsoft Word 2003 Password is no so miraculous. Everyone can be a cracker if you own a Word Password Cracker. The Word Password Cracker are software designed to Crack Microsoft Word 2003 Password which you have forgotten or need to obtain for performing important jobs. This is absolutely legal.

Step1: Download & Install Word Password Cracker

Word Password Cracker is designed to help you Create, Clear and Crack Microsoft Word 2003 Password (version 1997-2003). This program contains three types of password recovery utilities, including removal of "Open", "Write" and "Protection" passwords by decrypting password combinations for opening Word 2003, writing in read-only Word 2003, editing protected Word 2003. With this extremely flexible and powerful program, you can easily remove the forgotten passwords, and are able to open, modify or edit your Word 2003 the way as you like.

Free Download(1.9 MB)

After the installation, lauch this Word Password Cracker tool. The main panel shows like this:

Step2: Open a Microsoft Word 2003 Document

Click "Open File" to select the Microsoft Word 2003 Document that you want to Crack Password, you can see the panel the as below:

Step 3: Crack Microsoft Word 2003 Password

Click "Remove" to Crack Microsoft Word 2003 Password. How long it takes to Crack Microsoft Word 2003 Password depend on the length and complex password you used.

Word Password Cracker key features

  • Very simple and intuitive interface so that computer users of every age and experience level can easily understand how to get it work.
  • The easiest and lightest application for Word Password Cracker utility capable to decrypt and Crack Microsoft Word 2003 Password instantaneously.
  • Automatically and intelligently determine which utility option to use for removal of "Open", "Write" or "Protection" passwords.
  • Capable to recover any passwords for Microsoft Word documents of multi-versions (version 1997-2003), regardless of how the complexity of the password combinations are.
  • Provide online decryption service, which means your files will be processed by our dedicated, always-one, automated and secure servers running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check your computer system at first

For better running Word Password Cracker and get higher recovery quality, please check your computer system at first.

Operating System: Win7 64 / 32 / Vista 64/ 32/ XP / 2003 / 2000 / 9X
CPU: 200 MHz
RAM 128 MB or more of RAM
Disk Space 10 MB of free space

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